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Feel Confident To Breastfeed Your Baby Successfully

Babies come into the world hungry. 

Hungry to explore. Hungry to try their hand at this thing called Life, but mostly, babies come hungry to EAT.

And the Question is:

ARE YOU ready to Feed them?

This course will cover some of the basic doubts, worries and fears you have surrounding breastfeeding.

Those worries that you’ve tried to suppress because you’re too busy preparing the nursery or diminishing your nerves about simply getting through the birthing process.

You have to be prepared to be pregnant, to have an adequate space for your baby and to birth your baby, but what you do after the baby is here is SUPER important. And the best thing you can do aside from loving your kids, is to provide them of yourself via your breastmilk.

Don’t worry.



This course will be FILLED with breastfeeding aha moments, tips, tricks and most importantly, action steps that will help you feel more CONFIDENT when the BIG moment of breastfeeding your baby arrives.
Plus, I will continue to support you through email when you enroll in this Breastfeeding Your Baby Successfully course.

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Haydee Montemayor

Mother and Founder of Breastfeeding School



Mother and Founder of Breastfeeding Schoo


Start Your Breastfeeding Journey

Breastfeed Your Baby Successfully 5-Day Online Course

Day 1
boppy icon for Breastfeeding School by Haydee Montemayor
Connecting With Your Big Why
Day 2
bra icon for Breastfeeding School by Haydee Montemayor
Life Changes You Can Expect
Once The Baby Is Born
Day 3
The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Breastfeeding
Day 4
The Importance of Being Prepared to Breastfeed Right Away
Day 5
for Breastfeeding School by Haydee Montemayor
Tools That Can Help You Breastfeed Like You've Always Dreamed

About the Instructor

I’ve been breastfeeding for over 6 years combined.

I’m still breastfeeding and enjoying the bonding time with my youngest child. 

Since I had to figure out how to breastfeed with hardly any support, it is my mission to help YOU more easily achieve and EXCEED your breastfeeding goals because your baby deserves the ABSOLUTE BEST nutrition they can get. 

Other than cuddling your baby and talking to them, breastfeeding is the first gift you give them. And although breastfeeding is super special, it is really time-consuming and energy-consuming. 


That’s why I would love to invite you to join me in improving you and your baby’s relationship, their health, your health and ultimately the world— one breastfeeding relationship at a time.

You and your baby deserve this once-in-a-lifetime bonding experience.

So join me and let’s exceed your breastfeeding goals together.

Why breast milk is vital

NAtuRe's Pick

Nature has designed breast milk to be the beverage of choice... the beverage of life.

Premium Quality

The quality of breast milk cannot be surpassed. It has the MOST physical, emotional & nutritional benefits, hands-down.

Good for Health

Breast milk is called liquid gold for a reason. It improves the baby's health and mother's health year after year.

Completely Natural

Breast milk has no preservatives. It's pure. It's rich. It's wholesome. It's packed with nutrients and goodness for the body & soul.

What are you waiting for?!

Join the Breastfeed Your Baby Successfully Online Course for FREE ($97.00 Value)

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