Breastfeeding Tools That Will Make Your Breastfeeding Journey Easier and More Pleasant by Haydee Montemayor from Breastfeeding School

Breastfeeding Tools That Will Make Your Breastfeeding Journey Easier and More Pleasant

There are must-haves and then there are nice-to-haves.

When it comes to breastfeeding, the nice-to-haves and the must-haves vary slightly depending on what your future plans are.

For example, a mom planning on returning to work may need more of the breastfeeding tools that I’m about to share with you.

But all of the following tools would help support a breastfeeding mom’s journey.

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The Two Most Important Breastfeeding Tools For Everyone

It’s important that you know that there are 2 things that are absolutely non-negotiable in order to be able to breastfeed:

  • You
  • And the baby
It sounds super simplistic… but take a minute to FULLY appreciate what that means.

How Soon Should You Get The Breastfeeding Tools If You Plan To Be Away From Your Baby?

Short answer… ASAP.

The reasons why is because:

  1. You want to be ready when the baby is born.
  2. Once the baby is born, going out to shop will be harder logistically and it will take MUCH more effort than it used to take you to go out before you had kids.

You could buy them on Amazon, but when the package arrives, it’ll be a bit harder for you to have time to really see the product without you having to go breastfeed the baby or tend to the baby shortly thereafter.

So What’s The Plan?

If you’re having a baby shower, add these products to your gift registry. If you don’t get them, buy the ones you think would most benefit you.

My #1 Recommended Breastfeeding Product

If you can only buy ONE breastfeeding item, buy The Boppy.

Since the two most important things when it comes to breastfeeding are you and your baby… one thing that you can buy to literally support you and your baby is The Boppy Nursing Pillow.

Personally, I have The Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow (shown above) it’s the least expensive of The Boppy pillows. And I purchased The Boppy Water-Resistant Protective Pillow Cover  (shown below).

I can’t emphasize enough what a lifesaver The Boppy will be for you. 

What Is Breastfeeding Like?

In order to see the value in having a Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow, you have to understand what breastfeeding is like.

Have you ever watched a movie or seen a show where the characters play a contest in which they win a big prize like a boat or usually a nice car if they are the ones who hold onto that grand prize for the longest time?

In other words, let’s say that 40 people want to win a brand new red Corvette… all of them would stand around the Corvette and have to be touching in order to stay in the game.

They would have to:

  • eat while touching the car,
  • sleep while touching the car,
  • take care of anything unexpected in their life while touching the car

Thank goodness they would have a few breaks to go to the restroom, but pretty much other than that, touching the car would be the name of the game.

That’s pretty much how it is with breastfeeding.

The name of the game is to hold onto the kid while they eat, and even while they poo. Some babies will want you to carry them while they sleep. BUT I think it’s only okay to carry them while they sleep IF you’re using a baby carrier. Other than that, I think babies should sleep in playpens, cribs/, and when they’re really young, the baby holder.


Why Should You Let Go Of The Baby While They Sleep?

1) It’s good for them to start developing habits in which they can sleep in their own place.



4) You have things to do. Eventually, it’ll be for your lofty goals on your to-do list… but at the beginning… it’ll be to eat, go to the restroom, brush your teeth, take a shower, drink some water, refill the gazillion water bottles that you’ll have around the house.

I know that holding your baby is something that’s precious. Special. Once-in-a-lifetime timeframe for each of your babies. But doing it 24/7? The new wears out faster than you’d expect.

  • Tiredness kicks in. Actually pure exhaustion.
  • You’re dealing with birth-related pains plus getting some new ones for sitting too long or holding the baby too long.

So you need something to help you out with that.

Enter, The Boppy.

If there was ever a product that deserved the angels stopping everything they’re doing and singing— it’s for this product.

Metaphorically speaking, The Boppy is like a little cloud you place on your lap while your little angel sleeps above it.

In normal terms, The Boppy is a breastfeeding pillow… but it helps save your arms and your sanity.

One of the greatest tasks, when you have a baby, is to hold onto them, while they breastfeed for long periods of time. Each baby is different, but my firstborn breastfeed for 22 or 23 hours per day. It’s crazy, I know…. because I lived through it. 😉

So imagine holding your baby with your physical arm for 22 hours… or even half of that, 11 hours, or even half of that, 5 1/2 hours straight without letting go.

Aren’t your arms starting to hurt just thinking about it?

Well holding the baby for that long does make your arms hurt.

If directing your phone at something with your arms up for 3 minutes while taking a video makes your biceps hurt and sometimes even shake, imagine what carrying a multiple pound baby for that much amount of time, day in and day out does?

In my case, I’ll tell you what it did… it made me more arm muscles than I’ve ever grown in my LIFE. I was BUFF! But I could care less than I was getting buff because what I really needed is to be able to comfortably hold on to the baby.

That’s why… I wholeheartedly recommend The Boppy. If you haven’t caught on, it’s my FAVORITE breastfeeding product.

Heck! The Boppy supported me more than anybody supported us post-pregnancy and it continues to support my child and me to this day.


  • I’ve had mine for 7 years and it’s stood up well to the test of time.
  • The Boppy is made in the U.S.
  • It has been helping mothers breastfeed for more than 30 years.
  • It not only saves you from having to use all the muscles in your arms for hours with no end, it helps your back. You are not overworking your back by carrying your baby for such a long time AND the fact that the baby is raised to your breast-level (yep, that’s a word— I made up 😉 ) means that you don’t have to hunch over to take your breast to them.
  • It’s an award-winning product recognized by important brands. It won Babycenter Mom’s Pick of 2018 and the 2018 What To Expect Must-Have Winner.
  • The kids won’t fit perfectly on it forever but I use it to breastfeed my kids even when they’re three. Why? Because it still provides support.
  • It’ll help you hold the baby up while you’re awake, tired, or sheerly exhausted.


The Boppy Cons:

You’ll use it SO much that the challenge becomes sacrificing yourself a bit and stop using it in order for you to wash it. So, if I were you, I would buy two Boppy Water-Resistant Protective Pillow Covers , so that you can change the cover without any issue.

If you want to get really fancy, in addition to buying those two water-resistant covers, you MIGHT want to buy 2 decorative covers so that your pillow is always decorated, but this, of course, is more of a luxury than a necessity.

In case you’re wondering why I’m recommending that you have 2 water resistant covers on hand instead of 2 decorative covers at hand, is that when one of the covers is in the wash, you want to continue having the protection on your Boppy Pillow in case there are spills of any kind.

Think mattresses… what would you rather protect your mattress with when one of your fitted sheets is in the wash? Another pretty fitted sheet? Or a water-proof mattress protective cover?

Yep, I thought so. The water-proof would better protect your investment.

How To Make YOUR Purchase

So when it comes to deciding which Boppy you want to buy you have two choices.

1) You can either buy The Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow and The Boppy Water-Resistant Protective Pillow Cover.  (Which as I said, is the combination that I bought).

Please be aware that the Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow doesn’t come with a cover at all, that’s why you’ll need to buy it separately.


You can use that pillow as it is, BUT I would also recommend that you buy The Boppy Water-Resistant Protective Pillow Cover because, just like the water-proof mattress protector, this waterproof cover all protect your pillow.

Are You Struggling With The Choice?

Are you wanting to buy the least expensive version of The Boppy, which is The Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow …. with its white waterproof cover but are having a DIFFICULT time letting go of the desire of having a cute and decorative cover?

Don’t worry…. you can buy decorated Boppy Covers . 

One other thing to consider is that… stains are more noticeable on the white waterproof cover than they are on the patterned covers.

You’ll be able to use these covers either to put on top of your Bare Naked Nursing Pillow or if you want to change the aesthetic of your decorated pillow.

Finalizing The Choice

So now that you know which of the two Boppies you’re going to go with… either the plain Jane or the decked-out version… the logical question is…

  • Which design should I choose?

My suggestions are to do one of the following things:

  • Pick a design you’re really drawn to because hopefully, you’re going to be seeing that design for the next few years.
  • Pick a design that goes with your home decor.
  • Pick a design that goes well with your nursery.

Do You Want 2 Pro Tips?

1) You WILL WANT/NEED more than one Boppy— especially if you have a 2-story house or apartment.

2) Be ABSOLUTELY ULTRA-SURE that you put this item on your Baby Shower Registry.

If you live in a 2-story home and If you’re lucky, and you get:

  • 2 Boppies: keep one upstairs and keep the other downstairs.
  • 3 Boppies: keep one upstairs, one downstairs, and one on your bed, because chances are, you’ll be breastfeeding there.
  • 4 Boppies: keep one upstairs, one downstairs, one on your bed and the other in the car.

If you DON’T live in a 2-story home, and you’re lucky and get:

  • 2 Boppies: keep one where you will be breastfeeding the most and one in the nursery
  • 3 Boppies: keep one where you’ll be breastfeeding the most, one in the nursery and the other in the bed
  • 4 Boppies: one where you’ll be breastfeeding the most, one in the nursery, one in your bed, and the other in your car.

As you can see… you can never have too many of these Boppies.

If you think I’m exaggerating… that’s ok. Maybe you’ll understand once you use them. 😉

At the very least have two Boppies… the one you decided on based on our conversations above… and if you’re ever lucky enough to come across the discontinued Travel Boppy (that is either green with polka dots or pink with polka dots).. make that your second Boppy. It’ll serve as your second Boppy, but it’ll be even more versatile, because it literally folds in half, and is easy to carry when you travel. Just make sure that you’re always supervising your baby and that the straps are never in the baby’s way.

But Wait’s There’s More!

After sharing how wonderful The Boppy is, and probably falling short because you really have to experience it to believe it… it’s VERY incredible that The Boppy can provide even MORE value to you.

According to The Boppy Company, you can use The Boppy to:

  • prop up your baby
  • allow them to have tummy time
  • sit your baby and having something to support their back.

Of course, you want to be with your baby at all times just to ensure that they’re safe.

Just When You Thought The Boppy Couldn’t Be More Useful.

The Boppy is such a BELOVED product for me, that I don’t think I can ever part ways with it.

Even though I’m still using my Boppies to breastfeed my youngest, when I no longer use them for that, they’ll be useful to put my head in as I get a home massage.

Yep, they’re that special.

And when I have grandkids decades down the line, I’ll have these Boppies as extras here at home.

Yes, I know this may seem a bit much, but if there is one physical thing that I can attribute my breastfeeding success to, it’s The Boppy.

My children and I did the work when I breastfed each of them respectively, but The Boppy supported us, 100% of the way.

My 2nd Breastfeeding Pillow Choice

If I Had To Choose A breastfeeding pillow that wasn’t The Boppy, although just thinking about something other than The Boppy is something that I don’t willingly want to even think about… I would choose….

the My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow for Comfortable Posture . It has good reviews and name brand recognition.

However, one honorable mention pillow that I HAD to share with you is The 4 in 1 One Z BLUE Nursing Pillow w/ AMAZING BACK SUPPORT.

Take a look at the picture. As any breastfeeding mom will agree, having proper back support and foot support is super important. It seems like a luxury, but it’s not.

As passionate as I am about breastfeeding, I’m a prude, so I don’t ever want to make anybody uncomfortable because I’m breastfeeding.

So, when I breastfeed in front of company, or outside my home, I cover up.

A cover that I like is the Breastfeeding Cover Infinity Scarf .

What I like about this breastfeeding cover over an apron cover is that it offers you 360 coverage.

So it doesn’t matter if you have people next to you, like in an assembly, or behind you, like in a party… you can breastfeed discretely.

This cover is soft and lightweight AND you can wear it as a scarf! Better yet, it’s an infinity scarf that won’t fall off, especially as you’re moving quite a bit to take care of your baby.

This particular scarf isn’t see-through, which provides a lot of peace of mind. What’s the use of covering up what you don’t want others to see if they can still see it.

  • It offers you 360-degree coverage.
  • The material is not transparent.
  • The material is light and breathable.
  • When you’re using it as a cover, it gives you plenty of room to maneuver your baby and your body.
  • You could potentially also use it as a car seat, baby carrier cover, stroller cover, shopping cart cover, sunshade and a makeshift extra blanket.
    • Personally, though, I always just use my nursing covers as that- a nursing cover. I want them to be as clean as they can be for them to simply cover my baby and me.
  • It fits moms of all sizes.
  • It has finished hemmed edges.
  • Nursing coves, in general, make the breastfeeding experience seem more cozy and comfortable when other people are present.
  • It’s machine washable.
  • Even after you’re done breastfeeding, you can continue wearing this as a scarf.
  • While it does provide you with 360-degree coverage you still have to hold up the cover and ensure that it doesn’t slip down.
  • You also have to preferably place the baby’s head above the bottom of the cloth to ensure that the baby doesn’t just try to get out of the cover and expose you. This cover protects you most of the time, but there will be some times when it doesn’t. But your motherly reflexes can maybe save the day. 😉

Making Your Purchase

If you decide to buy this scarf, the only other question will be what color you’ll get.

You have two options:

  • Go with your favorite color
  • Go with the most DISCRETE color

Personally, when it comes to breastfeeding covers, I go with the most discrete color and pattern. For me, that’s either a black cover or a fashionable striped cover.

I find that black is very easy to combine with pretty much whatever I’m wearing. Plus, it doesn’t scream “Hey! Look at me! I’m breastfeeding!”

The 2 Questions That Can Help You Decide What Breastfeeding Cover Is Best For You:
  • 1) “Would I be embarrassed if someone I know and value saw me with this cover?”
    • The reason this question is important is that if consciously, or subconsciously your breastfeeding cover embarrass you, you won’t use at much.
  • 2) Would I wear this amount of pattern or color — if this were a regular clothing item?
    • The rationale behind this question is that there are MANY cute prints, especially floral prints on breastfeeding covers nowadays.
    • But you know how a bit of pattern can be cute… but a lot of pattern can be overwhelming?
    • Yep, that’s the way it is with this cover.
    • It may be light and compact and can even look okay as a scarf, but the minute you extend it to nurse your baby it could be a bit much.
    • And if you’re stuck wondering if a bright color your love is more discrete than a pattern… usually, it is (unless the pattern is super classic).

So keep those things in mind.

Ultimately, you want a breastfeeding cover that you would look good in breastfeeding at home, at a wedding, at church, at a party with people you don’t know, and people you do, at the store, etc.

So, keep it classy. 😉

Mothers Who Plan On Returning to Work, Traveling A Lot, Or Going Out A Lot

Mothers who plan to spend a lot of time away from their baby have to prepare for it.

One of the best ways to delegate having to offer breastmilk for every single one of your baby’s meals, while still providing them your motherly breastmilk, is to have a breast pump.

The breast pump that I love and have used for years is the Medela Pump in Style Advanced with On the Go Tote.

If you’re going to want a break when the baby is older and have someone else feed them like your mom, your sister or your husband… you’ll want to have frozen breastmilk as well.

Frozen breastmilk is also great when you’re going from one city to the next given that the baby can still have their milk as you drive or ride in the passenger seat.

  • It was the #1 tool I used for building up my substantial freezer stashes for each of my kids.
  • It lasts a long time. It has never stopped working on me.
  • It makes extracting breastmilk so much easier. Manually expressing breastmilk doesn’t even compare. Plus, it’s better than manual breast pumps, in which you manually squeeze the lever a gazillion times on one breast and then on the other.
  • The tote “blends well” in a corporate America environment.
  • The icepack is long lasting.
  • You can breast pump in the 5 oz. bottles that it comes with and in the 2 oz. bottles that are sold separately.
  • You can probably buy this product with your FSA (Flexible Spending Account). Be sure to talk to your FSA provider.
  • You may be able to get your insurance company to cover this cost, be sure to speak to them.
  • It’s easy to clean with a wet cloth.


  • Although you can wipe the tote clean, I wish the pumping mechanism could be completely removed so I could toss this toe in the wash.
  • For the price, I wish it had extra tubes.

The Medela Breast Pump comes with a few bottles, but you will need more than four bottles with a baby.

That’s why I recommend that you buy several Medela Breast Milk Bottle Sets. You can also add them to your gift registry, as it’s a very affordable gift that people can give you.

  • This is a set of 3 bottles, three medium-flow nipples and three lids. It also includes a nipple cap to keep the bottle nipple clean.
  • These bottles are best for babies who are 4 months and older. Why? Because it’s better to breastfeed babies and make sure that they have the latching thing down pat before introducing the bottle to avoid any potential nipple confusion.
    • And that’s not just my sentiment.
    • Medela themselves say “Make sure breastfeeding is well established before introducing a nipple.”
  • These bottles are compatible with Medela breast pumps which means you can pump into these bottles, freeze them, thaw them, and then use them to feed your baby.
  • This makes washing fewer dishes less often possible.
  • The lids secure tightly and don’t leak while the milk is stored or while traveling.
  • The plastic retains breastmilk’s benefits.
  • It’s easy to read how much milk you pump or feed your baby.
  • Bottles are dishwasher safe
  • Bottles are microwave safe.
  • BPA- free
  • It comes with a Quick Clean Micro-Steam bag for disinfecting bottles quickly with the microwave when needed.
  • You can buy the bottles in 5 ounces or 8 ounces. Personally, I’d stick to the 5-ounce Medela bottles.
  • Might create nipple confusion if introduced too early.
  • Some babies may not love it… and prefer mom’s breast, which is understandable, of course.

The Best Breast Pumping Bra

Other than the Boppy, the Simple Wishes Signature Hands- Free Pumping Bra is like a piece of Heaven on Earth.

It’s sooooo soft.

It feels sooooo good on.

That I pretty much don’t have to say anything else.

I’ve you’ve ever tried it on, you know what I mean.

This bra speaks for itself.

It’s almost as though you put this nursing bra on.. and it’s mic drop.


  • It was the #2 tool I used for building up my substantial freezer stashes for each of my kids. The #1 tool was the breast pump I mentioned above.
  • It allows you to pump your breastmilk hands-free, without holding your breastmilk bottles to your breast.
  • It’s adjustable given that it has very high-quality velcro that you can move to suit your needs. The velcro is sooo high quality though that you forget it’s there. On your back… where things usually tend to itch, but this velcro and bra don’t itch or feel uncomfortable AT ALL. On the contrary. There are no seams, the fabric is stretchy and soft and you’ll never be in a hurry to take the bra off because the bra it’s uncomfortable, but most likely because you have other commitments and responsibilities to tend to, whether it be the baby that needs you or work commitments that require your attention.
    • You can adjust the back panel up to 10 inches.
    • You can use the front zipper panel and get two extra inches of space between your breasts depending on whether your breasts are closer together or further apart.
    • This adjustability is perfect as your weight and body change throughout the years while breastfeeding and breastmilk pumping for one child… and when you breastfeed and breastmilk pump for subsequent children, because the products that I’ve mentioned like this one will make breastfeeding more of a breeze as the months go by.
  • Ladies… you know that during those first few days of breastfeeding, your breasts can become SO sore that you don’t even want a rose petal touching them. Don’t worry. This bra was designed so that your breasts felt nestled in softness and they produce even more milk for your precious one. The bra won’t irritate you, or rub you the wrong way, literally. Perhaps your breasts may become tired due to the suction of the pump… but your bra will never, ever be to blame.
  • Between breastfeeding, breast pumping, changing the baby, taking adorable pictures of them and kissing their chubby cheeks… it’s really a miracle that you have time for anything else. But in those rare instances when the baby is taking a nap, sleeping for the night or not in your arms… you will be able to multitask while you pump. So it’ll you save you countless hours by having this bra. Weeks and months at a time.
    • You could breast pump while you do your hair and makeup.
  • It’s IDEAL for pumping at work— either with a breastfeeding cover — like the one mentioned above— in your breastfeeding room (if your company is SOOOO advanced and honors mothers as they should)… or if you’re like me… if you have to pump milk in a bathroom and take a cart into the bathroom to continue working and breastfeeding while standing up. Or pumping while you work at your desk if you’re a work from home mom.
  • Some moms pump when their breasts are full. And that’s okay… when your baby is not around or when they’re old enough to stay asleep for longer stretches of time.
  • You can wear this bra whether you’re using manual breast pumps or electric breast pumps.
  • You can also wear this bra to breastfeed only one breast— but most women use it to pump milk out of both breasts if you have a dual pump (or two manual pumps).
  • It’s compatible with all major breast pump brands.
    • However, just so you know, Medela itself has said that it doesn’t recommend that you use these containers with the Single Deluxe breast pump.
  • It’s toxin-free with dyes and materials that were Oeko- Tex certified.
  • It’s designed in the U.S..
  • This bra is not flimsy at all, it’s high-quality and durable. It’ll provide you YEARS of use.
  • If you’re worried that maybe this bra won’t hold onto the bottles well enough, though again. Four overlapping layers of soft fabric hold the bottle. It keeps the flanges and bottle so close to the breast that pretty much 99% of your breastmilk drops will fall INTO the bottle, where they belong. 🙂 We know that our breastmilk is liquid GOLD.
  • The bra can be worn as a strapless bra (and that’s how I use it all the time)…. and you’ll feel it’s very secure even then… but if perhaps you want to maneuver fewer things and have the bra be held by your shoulders, you can wear the bra as a regular bra with straps (often known as a tank style bra), a halter-style bra or a racer-back bra .
  • There is elastic at the top of the bra to ensure it won’t slip down as you pump breastmilk.
  • You can put this Simple Wishes Bra in without removing your shirt and put in on when you’re not wearing a bra or even on top of your nursing bra. I prefer to wear it alone… with no other bra underneath..but if you’re pressed for time, it’s good to know that you can save even MORE time using this product.
  • The price has gone up since I bought it…. but… the almost 7,600 reviews and 4.4 stars should kind of tell you why.
    • Plus, this bra has been so popular that it’s here to stay.
    • While other great products that I’ve loved have come and gone… this bra is still available for you to order and cherish as much as I have.
    • There’s only one of them… meaning it’s SO great that I almost wish that there were two in the package (although you can certainly buy two)… so that you can wash it more often.
    • It is an investment, buuuut you’re saving so much money by going the breastfeeding route. And the baby is growing up healthier and getting sick less often because you’re breastfeeding. So consider this a co-pay. The cost will become almost immediately justifiable.

Is The Simple Wishes Signature Hands-Free Pumping Bra Really All That Great?

Being the deal-shoppers that we are… I know that some part of you might get curious about seeing what OTHER pumping bras can offer you.

But let me ask you 2 things:

  • Did you SEE the long list of benefits this bra has?
  • With all these benefits why would you look for another one?

This bra is called— Simple Wishes for a reason… it’s a dream come true. REALLY.

I have NEVER looked back after I bought this bra. This bra is so special, that I kid you not, it made me forget for 7+ years that there are other pumping bras out there. I didn’t think about the other bras’ existence until I wrote this post. THAT, my friend, is an excellent bra.

What To Do When You’re Ready to Order

Contrary to other items on this list, you’ll probably won’t want to ask for a nursing bra as one of your baby showers.

So most likely, you’ll end up buying yourself this bra.

Take a look at the sizing chart and buy your size.

It’ll be quite easy to do determine what size you are. And then click the Buy Button.


Extra Words of Advice

  1. You are supposed to wash this bra before actually wearing it. Follow the laundering instructions it comes with.
  2. If you happen to get this bra before the baby arrives, take a moment to practice putting it on, with the breast pump flanges, bottles and tubes if you have them. This will just get you familiar with how to use it.

It’s not hard, it’s just that first-time moms have new things to learn how to do and this is one of them.

I’m soooo excited for you to try it. I know it’s “just” a bra until you wear one. And then the clouds part. 🙂

Maternity awakens many things in you.

In many ways giving birth is like being born.

  • There is you before the baby and after the baby.
  • You’ll have a new appreciation for motherhood.
  • You’ll have a new appreciation for you as an individual.
  • You’ll have a new appreciation for what your body is able to do.

It’s so remarkable.

Years after giving birth I still get teary-eyed just thinking about this.

Your psychologic… and physical self will be heightened.

They will be at the forefront.

Therefore, one of the things that you’ll find yourself gravitating toward a lot, is cozy comfortable and practical.

You ain’t got time for almost anything else.

You’ll be SUPER strong— the strongest you’ve ever been— but you’ll yearn for softness, your baby’s toes, your baby’s head, your baby’s cheek, and SOFT clothing items.

Softness. Tenderness. Softness. Tenderness. – It’ll almost become like a mantra.

So, many times you’ll want to be bra-less around the house during your maternity leave.

But when you’re ready to wear a bra, (or have to wear a bra, like when company insists that they want to come over to see the baby, or you HAVE to go to your baby’s pediatric appointments), the best bras I can recommend to you are

the Ahh Bras by Ronda Shear Ahh By Rhonda Shear Women’s 2 Pack Ahh Bra with Removable Pads. 

And just like the name implies, the name implies that when you put them on, you’ll say “Ahh.”

And yes, I did say “Ahh” the first time I wore them, which was before I was pregnant. And to me, these bras are way more comfy than practically any other regular bra.

HOWEVER, once I did become pregnant, and I got to try the Simple Wishes Bra, I have to say that it’s actually the Simple Wishes Bra that makes me say “Ahh” more and more.

However, if I’m going out somewhere, I would choose the Ahh Bra… because as soft as the Simple Wishes Bra is, it’s not a regular/traditional bra.

  • This bra is so comfortable that you almost forget that you’re wearing a bra.
  • You get practically all of the support that you would get from a wired bra.
  • This bra adjusts to you. If you’re gaining weight, losing weight, are a bit engorged or have a different breast size during that time of the month, the bra adjusts to you, not the other way around. It’s not like with the regular wired bras… that your body has to adjust to.
  • It’s much more easy, comfortable, faster, and pain-free to access the breast to breastfeed with these bras than with any other bra, I’ve worn.
    • I tried using regular nursing bras that you would unclip to access the boob, but they didn’t provide the support the Ahh Bras did, they didn’t keep the nice shape of my breast that these did and most importantly (in other words, they looked awful under clothes), they other nursing bras literally made my boob itch because the cloth was not as soft as this cloth.
    • The Ahh bra has four-way stretch, so it’ll mold to your body.
  • You can wear the bras without the pads if you’re around your house and alone, but if you want to go out, you can simply insert the pads for full modesty.
  • These are full coverage bras with no spillage (at least not on me). 🙂
  • And speaking of spillage, the back is wide, so it makes your back smooth.
  • The LAST things that you want touching your boobs when your boobs are sore are hooks or underwires.
  • This is practically the first regular bra that I don’t want to rip off the moment I get a chance.
  • They’re comfortable enough to sleep in.
  • This is a minor detail, but the Ahh bra kind of works if you are wearing a one-shoulder clothing item, but if you want to convert it into a strapless bra, it won’t provide as much support.
    • And I’m mentioning knowing that it’s a regular bra… and not a strapless bra, but it’s so comfortable that I would love it for it to serve a dual purpose and convert into a strapless bra.

What To Keep In Mind Once You’re Ready To Buy the Ahh Bras by Rhonda Shear

Once you decide that you want to see what the whole fuss about the Ahh Bra is… click on the link.


1) Click on the Size Chart Link and analyze it.

2) Choose your size

3) Choose one of the color combinations

4) Wash them when you get them.

5) And rejoice in the fact that from now on, you can be wearing a bra, that isn’t binding.

There might come a time in your life when you’ll have dry, itchy nipples.

Something that not all moms expect is that that time can actually be BEFORE The baby is born.

Yep. It doesn’t happen with every pregnancy, but it happens with some.

You could also use coconut oil when your nipples feel dry and itchy… but if you want a bit more… you can use Motherlove Nipple Cream  .

  • It’s made with healthy ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, organic beeswax, organic shea butter, organic marshmallow root and organic calendula flower.
  • It’s safe enough for babies to eat the little amount of ointment that you applied on your breasts while breastfeeding.
  • Many families and lactation consultants swear by this product.
  • It lasts a long time for two reasons:
    • you only need a little to get the soothing effects that you’re after.
    • contrary to what you may fear, your breast discomfort won’t and shouldn’t last as long that you’ll end up using the whole 1-ounce container— because you won’t.
  • You can use it as a pumping lubricant (which I never had to do), so in that case, you might use more of the bottle.
  • It is USDA Certified Organic
  • It is Certified Cruelty Free
  • It’s unscented
  • It DOES NOT contain LANOLIN, which may contain pesticides.
  • It’s non-GMO since it doesn’t have synthetic or artificial ingredients.
  • It’ll provide you with the quick relief you’ll see from being worried about your breasts to being confident in breastfeeding.
  • It’s made by an Eco-conscientious company.
  • By practicing breastfeeding again and again and breastfeeding often you should at all costs possible, avoid using a nipple shield.
  • Some people have said that this product stains their shirts.
    • I didn’t come across this issue personally, but if I did, I would personally use one of the Rhonda Sheer removable pads in order to prevent my clothing from staining.
  • A kind of con is that this product expires, so make sure that you know when to toss it out.
  • Some babies may not like the taste of it.
  • Some babies may develop a rash to it.

Since this is an herbal product, you’re supposed to check with your doctor to make sure that using this product is okay.

When You’re Ready To Buy

If you have never tried to see if coconut oil alleviates your itchy or cracked nipples, give it a try. Maybe, that’s all you need.

The extra peace of mind that comes with coconut oil is that:

  • you probably have it in your cupboard.
  • you can use it for other things.
  • you would be more prone to consuming coconut oil than a nipple cream yourself… and maybe the baby enjoys this more, as well.
  • coconut oil could potentially cause fewer reactions than the nipple cream does on some babies
  • you’ll save money if you use the coconut cream that you already have.

However, if you don’t have coconut oil or the coconut oil hasn’t helped you, you can go ahead and go on Amazon to order this Motherlove Nipple Cream.

The benefit of this cream over the coconut oil is that the Motherlove cream won’t change in consistency depending on the temperature.

Just in case you’re not familiar… coconut oil becomes liquid in the spring and summer if you live in a warm area, and it solidifies during fall and winter.

This is an important tidbit if you wanted to go ahead and carry coconut oil in your pumping bag, or were planning on traveling and taking the coconut with you.

  • In order to ensure it’s freshness, use a clean scoop to stop a bit out instead of inserting your fingers, which may be dirty, into the container. Some clean plastic spoons or even small gelato spoons can help with this process. But IF you NEED to use your hands, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands before using this.
  • If you’re planning on donating your breastmilk to a milk bank do your research before you use this product.

One of my best finds during my breastfeeding journey has been these Medela Breast Milk Freezing & Storage Containers.

Medela is one of my 2 favorite baby bottle companies. It is the only bottle company where I’ve stored my breastmilk.

Out of all the places where I’ve stored my breastmilk, meaning the 5 oz. bottles and the breastmilk storage bags, these bottles have by far been my favorite bottles to store breastmilk.

  • They’re the PERFECT size for your baby’s first feedings. AND when they learn to hold the bottle by themselves, it’ll be the perfect size for them to hold.
    • Yes, babies often drink more than the 2.7 oz . of breastmilk that fit into these bottles BUT… if you’re exclusively breastfeeding and you’re either in your maternity leave, a stay-at-home-mom or a work-from-home mom, then these bottles will be the perfect size between feeding for a long period of time.
    • These bottles will allow you to unfreeze milk at a slower rate… and thus, make your freezer stash last longer because you won’t be wasting hardly any milk.
    • It’s like cutting a slice of bread in two. You can give your baby 1/2 the slice and they’ll probably be satisfied. In the even that they want more bread, you have the others half, so you can give it to them, no problem.
  • These Medela Breast Milk Freezing Bottles are inexpensive.
  • You get 12 bottles and 12 lids with your purchase (which is already quite generous)… but let me warn you, I wouldn’t be surprised if you by 2, 3, 4 or more packages of these bottles.
  • These bottles don’t leak.
  • They freeze very well.
  • They’re very sturdy both in and out of the freezer.
    • In all the years that I’ve had them, only a piece of one of the bases broke. All the other ones held up very well.
  • You can write the date when you pumped the breastmilk on the bottle with dry-erase markers.
    • You can also write the name of the child if you want if you need to take the child to daycare or to a sitter, or to grandma’s house with multiple babies.
      • I do none of these things, but maybe you do.
    • Potentially, you can also write the time… either of when you pumped the breastmilk or when you need someone to feed that bottle to your baby. It’s up to you.
  • Even though they’re thin, they’re actually quite stable.
    • While many moms, me included, feared tipping over a bottle of freshly-pumped breast milk when preparing it to go into the freezer, I can’t recall one of these bottles ever tipping over, which is pretty amazing, given the number of bottles that I filled, and the tired mind I had when I actually filled them.
    • But it’s actually the wider base that they have that actually allows for that greater stability.
  • It has larger measurement markings so that you can see them better when you’re sleep-deprived and exhausted. 🙂
  • They fit the Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump perfectly, because they’re both Medela, of course.
  • They’re super practical since:
    • you can pump directly into them,
  • they’re very easy to store…
  • and to use them to feed the baby because
    • you thaw them,
    • warm them up,
    • put the nipple on and use them to feed the baby.
      • AND GUESS WHAT?!! (Yes, I’m yelling because I’m SO excited about this part)… the nipples that fit in the 5-ounce Medela bottles fit on these cute little 2.7 bottles.
      • Essentially, you can collect, store, freeze, and feed your breastmilk all from this bottle. This means that there are:
        • Less chances that the milk will spill
        • Less prep to feed the baby
        • Less dishes to wash
        • Less waste, because contrary to breastmilk storage bags, you can use and reuse the bottles, so in the long-run, as your baby drinks the frozen breastmilk, you’re saving money since you’re not having to keep buying breastmilk storage bags unless you’re pumping a lot of breastmilk.
      • These bottles even come with quick-clean micro-steam bags in case you want to use the microwave to clean your bottles on the fly… although this is not my preferred method of cleaning the bottles, these bags did come in handy a few times.
      • The bottles are very easy to screw and unscrew. And best of all, they don’t leak. Just make sure that you don’t OVER-tighten them because… they can break. It only takes one broken lid to learn that lesson, but I’m telling you now in order to help save all of your lids. 🙂
      • The plastic is safe to store and retain the beneficial properties of breastmilk when it’s frozen for long-term storage.
      • If you’re tracking how much breastmilk you pump, these bottles can easily tell you how much milk you pumped in easy-to-read ounces or milliliter markings.
        • And you can also use these markings to find out how much milk your baby has consumed.
      • They’re easy to store in your refrigerator and easy to spot.
      • They also travel well in the cooler that the Medela Pump in Style Advanced with On the Go Tote comes with.
  • I really don’t have any cons, but if I had to pick what I like the least about these bottles SOME of the time, it’s that since they’re smaller… and breastmilk is fatty, cleaning them is a bit more of a challenge. But it’s nothing that a good bottle brush couldn’t do.
  • When you’re baby is able to eat solid foods, you can use them as snack containers to put in cereal, raisins, oats, and the list can go on and on since not only babies appreciate snacks… but other toddlers or older kids in your family can benefit from them as well. So can you, if you pack a lunch and want to put some almonds, dates, chocolates, you name it.
  • You know what ELSE you can do with these bottles— you won’t believe it!! You can also make POPSICLES!
    • Blend up your own fruit,
    • Pour it in these containers,
    • Put these containers in a larger square or rectangular container to contain them, put a popsicle stick in them or maybe some round popsicle stick holders that you may have around the house.
    • Freeze them.
    • Wait a few hours
    • And PRESTO! You’ll have your own popsicles.
    • Can I share an additional secret? You can also have your young ones enjoy breastmilk popsicles… when they’re barely learning how to breastfeed and beyond. Little kids just L-O-V-E breastmilk.
  • You could also use the containers for traveling with your personal care items. For example, you could store:
    • Q-tips
    • Bobby pins
    • Cotton balls
  • Ultimately, these are washable containers so you could use them for whatever other small-container needs you may have.

I think you got a REALLY good idea of how much I love the Medela Breastmilk Storage containers, but there are times when it’s more economical to buy bags than to buy containers, especially if you go from becoming a working mom to a stay-at-home mom after your kids are born.

  • One of the most amazing things about the Lansinoh Breastmilk storage bags is that you can pump breastmilk directly into these bags using almost all standard neck pumps like the Medela Pump in Style Advanced with On the Go Tote that I recommend.
    • However, if you use something OTHER than the Lansinoh Breast pump, you will have to buy an adapter if the bags don’t come with one, but this particular link of Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags that I’m sharing with you is a Bonus Pack that DOES include them.
    • So whether you buy these Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags online or at the store, it’s better if you buy the box that contains the adapters already.
  • They’re inexpensive since you get 100 bags per box.
  • If you live in a tiny home, a tiny apartment or a small house, once you’re done using them, they won’t take additional space in your cupboard (but they will take space in a landfill near you). 😉
  • These bags are pre-sterilized.
  • They are strong bags with reinforced double sealed side reams to protect its contents.
  • These are the strongest and largest breastmilk bags available.
  • The bags store, freeze and protect your valuable breastmilk very well.
  • Have a patented Click’ n’ Secure double-zipper seal to prevent leakage.
  • Has a pour spout for easy milk storage transfer.
  • If you freeze these bags flat, you can save space by later standing them up as if they were paper files.
    • But depending on the angle the shape of the bags won’t be perfect.
    • You will need another rectangular or square container to stand the bags up to maximize the vertical space in your freezer and be able to save more bags in the smallest amount of space.
  • Their design to be laid fast helps with faster freezing and thawing times.
  • If you pump directly into the bag, you won’t have other bottles to wash after pumping. You will have to wash the adapter, though. That also saves a bit of water and soap.
  • They have a label section where you can write the pertinent information.
  • These bags are one of the best-selling breastmilk storage bags.
  • The 35-year old Lansinoh company was founded by a breastfeeding mom.
    • They’re BPA free
  • They’re BPS free
  • These bags are more likely than the Medela Breast Milk Freezing & Storage Containers to tip over since they’re essentially bags that you’re trying to stand up.
    • Holding them is a bit like holding those squishy toys that were designed to slip out of your fingers.
      • These bags don’t necessarily slip out of your hands, but maneuvering them is a bit more difficult.
    • They don’t provide for “as consistent” readings given that the shape of the bag or who you’re holding it may affect the readings of how much milk you produced. This could be remedied by always propping the bag in the same way and maybe setting it over the same surface, if possible.
    • They don’t stand as nicely in the freezer, on the counter, in the fridge, in travel coolers.
    • They produce waste like any plastic bag would.
    • The reason I prefer the Medela containers over these Lansinoh bags is because when you thaw a Lansinoh bag … and you have all that milk in there… you have to make sure of 2 things:
      • One, that the baby actually needs that much milk and drinks it…. because if they don’t, you’ll have an additional item on your to-do list which is to
      • Store the remaining milk in the fridge ANNNNNND remember to use it during the allotted period of time so that it doesn’t go bad.
        • If you haven’t experienced it yet, you probably will come to know that one of the SADDEST things in life as a breastfeeding mom is seeing your milk go to waste.
          • You know its inherent value.
          • You know how much good it does to your baby (breastmilk, it does the body REALLY good)… and
          • you know how long it took you to pump that breastmilk and
          • the priority that pumping that milk had over other things in your life.
          • So only thaw the breastmilk you need. And use up the milk that you thaw.

There are products that we come in contact with out of need.

While Medela Baby Bottles can work wonderfully with some kids, you might birth a baby who needs something a bit more squishy and motherly … enter, the Comotomo Baby Bottle that is designed to mimic the soft curves of a mother’s breast.

If you have a baby that doesn’t take the Medela Baby Bottles— or any traditional baby bottles made out of hard plastic or glass, try these bottles, and chances are they’ll like this bottle more than any other bottle.

  • This bottle has an award-winning design- it won the IF Product Design Award.
  • This bottle changes the status quo of baby bottles.
  • The creators of this bottle say that “Inspiring products are born only when we think with a mother’s heart & experience through a baby’s eyes,” and this product does have these considerations written all over it
  • It has a naturally shaped, soft, silicone nipple with a wide mount to help babies easily go from breastfeeding to drinking milk from a baby bottle, and then be able to continue mostly breastfeeding.
  • It minimizes nipple confusion.
  • The most eye-catching feature of this bottle other than the shape is the material that the bottle is made of. It’s a soft and squishy skin-like silicone bottle, and it feels good for babies to be able to touch something that’s pliable. It calms and soothes them. It feels familiar…like their mommy’s breast.
  • Babies are able to keep a good grip on the bottle since the plastic isn’t slick.
  • Essentially— these bottles are made for breastfed babies due to all of these benefits that they provide.
  • Mommy’s breasts can leak, but this bottle doesn’t leak, even when inverted upside-down and this is a blessing given how valuable breastmilk is.
  • But since each baby is different, you can buy Comotomo Natural-Feel Baby Bottles with different variable flows. And when you view the nipple from the top, you’ll see that the nipples have different shapes.
    • Slow Flow for babies 0-3 months- The symbol is one large drop.
      • It has one hole.
      • It trains the baby to suckle properly in order to avoid choking and spitting up.
    • Medium Flow- 3+ months – The symbol is two smaller drops
      • It has two holes, as your baby will now be able to take in more milk.
    • Fast Flow- 6+ – three smaller drops
    • Variable Flow- 6+ – one large Y.
      • It’ll adjust to your baby’s suckling speed.
    • It has two anti-colic vents to prevent babies from experiencing colic. These vents allow for good air circulation inside the bottle, which aside from reducing colic, also reduces gas, burping and spit up.
    • Comotomo Natural-Feel Baby Bottles are heat resistant which means you can place them in boiling water.
  • Max temperature for bottle and nipple are 180-degree C and 120-degree C for the harder plastic cap and out ring
  • I’ve never been a picky eater, but if I could go back in time and choose for myself a bottle that would be cool to try as a baby, it would be this one. It’s like cupcake or chocolate silicone tray meets baby bottle. It’s pretty genius!
  • Even though they’re silicone, and pliable, they stand up well.
    • You don’t have to worry about them tipping over, amazingly.
    • Their center of gravity is quite solid.
  • They’re dishwasher-safe.
  • They’re sterilizer safe.
  • These bottles are easy to clean because they’re wide and flexible, so you can reach the plastic with ease with your own hand. You could use a brush to clean these bottles, like the Philips Baby Bottle Brush but you don’t need to.
  • You can buy pink or green bottles.
  • Silicone is a safe material that is 100% chemical-free.
  • It’s BPA- free.
  • It’s PV- free
  • It has no Phthalates.
  • It has 2 bottles, so you can be using one and washing one.
  • You can buy 5 ounces and 8-ounce bottles.
  • They don’t fit as comfortably in the baby bottle cooler that comes with the Medela Pump In Style Breastpump , but it holds more liquid, so in that regard it’s okay.
  • You can’t pump directly into these bottles, but with the other Medela bottles that I’ve recommended, you won’t need to.
  • If your baby isn’t picky— perhaps you won’t ever need to buy these bottles… and your baby will miss out on trying them. 🙂

Tips For Getting The Most of your Comotomo Natural-Feel Baby Bottles

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  • When it comes to the color of the bottles, I would choose green bottles, in case you have additional bottles.
  • As you know, you can get the 5 oz. and 8 oz. bottles. I personally recommend the 8-ounce bottle… since it can grow with the baby.
  • Even though they mimic the breast, please remember that these bottles are still bottles… and that the best way to ensure that your baby learns how to breastfeed and you learn how to feed is to precisely through practice.
    • So don’t be too quick to introduce the bottles
    • Get your breastfeeding practice in… for about four months, or 3 months, if your maternity leave will be over in 3 months.
      • This will help you get the practice and make sure that your milk supply is solid.
    • Between when the baby is born and when you use these bottles, you can pump your breastmilk and freeze it, so that when you offer the breastmilk bottle, the frozen breast milk is available to you.

We grow so used to the finer things in life that this item that I’m about to share with you is more of a nice-to-have for most people than perhaps any other product.

Make no mistake… an electric double breast pump is better than this manual breast pump… but there are times when this Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump would be more useful than the electric one- Medela Pump in Style Advanced with On the Go Tote.

  • It can be useful in places where you don’t know if you’ll have a lot of access to electricity such as when you’re:
    • camping
    • flying an airplane
    • in places prone to power outages
  • You can pump anytime anywhere. In a car without an adapter.
  • It has an ergonomic swivel handle, that was designed to add a bit of softness on the handle for enhanced comfort, but it still will tire your hand out.
  • It has a 2-Phase Expression Technology patented design that helps mothers pump more milk faster given that it mimics a baby’s nursing rhythm.
    • Medela knows that there are two phases in a baby’s breastfeeding session.
      • In the first phase, called the simulation phase, the babies such faster to make the milk start flowing.
      • In the 2nd phase, called the expression phase, babies breastfeed with a slower suck to draw out the milk.
    • It includes the 24-millimeter PersonalFit breast shield. You can buy other sizes if you need it.
    • It’s simple to use.
    • You can manually control the vacuum by pressing the handle faster or slower, softly or more forcefully.
    • When you’re beginning to pump you can press the short side of the handle to allow your milk to flow.
    • Once you have your milk let-down (when your milk starts to flow), you can switch to the longer side of the handle to express most of your milk.
    • Medela is a trusted company.
    • It can be a backup that you have in your car or purse in case you forget your electric pump.
    • It’s small, lightweight and portable.
    • It comes with TWO five-ounce breastmilk bottles with their respective lids and one nipple and collar.
    • This pump also comes with a cap to use while extracting milk, bottle stand, a valve and membranes, instructions for how to pump and a breastfeeding information guide.
    • All the plastic that touches the breastmilk is BPA-free.
    • I struggle to share with you that it’s also “discrete” — as if pumping milk for your baby was a bad thing. But, in case you’re in a situation where you don’t want others to know that you’ll be pumping for a few minutes… there you go, I guess you can check off “discrete”. Just make sure you have a place to store the breastmilk that you do pump. Or feed it to your baby soon after you pump it. 😉
  • Keep in mind that this is designed for OCCASIONAL time away from your baby. If you’re always with your baby, but you feel that this pump may come in handy, then this is an okay choice. It’s not the best choice for daily pumping, though.
    • It’s not efficient.
    • It’s not effective.
    • You would have to pump one breast at a time.
    • And you might get carpal tunnel in the process. 😉 At the very least, you would have a very tired hand.

Tips To Make the Most Of your Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Since this pump has several parts, and its whole purpose is to be portable, put all the parts that you would need if you were to use it in a pouch. That way, when you need it, you have everything you need and you’re not playing detective around your kitchen or diaper bag trying to find all the parts.

Storing everything in the pouch will also help you protect your investment.

You might also want to put one of the bags that came with the Medela Breastmilk Storage Containers — In your pouch in case you need to sanitize your bottles while you’re out and about for this kit… although you would need to have a microwave to do so.

The other alternative is to buy an extra Philip Brush and have a little bottle of soap to be able to wash the pump parts while on the go.

Depending on where you are and why you’re using this pump instead of the Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump make sure that you also have a place to store the breastmilk and keep it cool or frozen as needed until you can feed it to your baby and get home.

I know. Talking about a baby bottle brush seems so petty.

My favorite way to wash baby bottles is to wash them by themselves, using the sanitation feature in my dishwashing machine.

That means that I don’t add any of our dishes, glasses or utensils into the dishwasher when I wash baby bottles.

But there comes a time in which you will need to wash the baby bottle or lid manually.

And the baby brush that I most recommend is the Philips Avent Baby Bottle Brush.

  • The bristles are sturdy, yet soft.
  • The bristles don’t scratch or damage the feeding equipment that you clean with it.
    • The handle itself feels sturdy. You don’t need any moving parts on a baby cleaning brush in order to do a fine job cleaning a baby bottle.
  • It feels comfortable in your hand.
  • It allows you to have a comfortable grip of the brush in order to direct it to where you want it to go.
  • It’s thin enough to be able to clean the Medela Breast Milk Freezing & Storage Containers
  • It has a molded tip that reaches hard-to-reach stains in both the bottle and the bottle nipple. It fit perfectly into the bottle nipple
  • It’s dishwasher safe, which means that you can also run it in the sanitation cycle of your dishwashing machine to sanitize it.
  • It can clean all types of bottles and bottle nipples.
  • The round brush is designed so that it easily reaches what other brushes would miss- specifically, baby bottle rounded edges.
  • The designers of this brush didn’t skimp on the bristles. They added more than enough bristles to allow you to do a thorough cleaning job.
  • It’s BPA-free.
  • You can hang it to drip dry because it has a hole with which you can hang from.
  • You can also hang it to store it.
  • It last a long time — -I’m talking it lasts YEARS and it looks as good as new even after using it for years.
  • Philips Event has been around for 30 years, and they have experience catering to moms worldwide and designing high-quality products for them.
  • None, that I can think of. It’s a simple tool that does what it intends to do.

Tips To Prolong The Use of the Philips Avent Baby BottlE Brush

  • Instead of buying several $1.00 brushes that will never wow you, buy this Philips Event Baby Bottle Brush for a few extra dollars.
    • In other words, invest in this inexpensive brush from the start.
  • Once the breastfeeding and bottle-feeding days are behind you, you can use this brush to wash glasses, cups or small neck containers.


You did it! =)

Congratulations for making it to the bottom of this post!

YOU, my friend, are AMAZING!

This is the longest blog post I have ever written and I wrote it with love so that you and your baby can have the best of the best breastfeeding tools out there.

These are not the fanciest tools, the newest or even the most expensive.

They’re the tools that will help YOU breastfeed for as long as YOU Want.

It would make me SUPER happy to be able to help as many new mommies as possible, so if you know a mommy who’s expecting or who recently got to hug and kiss their bundle of joy, please share this resource with them to help them.

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Additional Resources

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