Breastfeeding Resources That Have Made My Breastfeeding Journey Easier

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Let’s establish one thing and do so SUPER clearly. 

When it comes to breastfeeding, the four tangible things you need are:

  • You
  • the baby
  • water for you
  • food for you

By having those things, you will be able to produce milk. 

That means that the products I recommend on this page are not mandatory, but can help you meet and exceed your breastfeeding goals. 

It’s up to you what you choose to buy.

My Favorite Place To Shop

As a breastfeeding mom and as a busy person in general, Amazon is a life-saver. I’ve been shopping at Amazon for 11 years. I was a Amazon lover before Amazon became a thing. FUN FACT: I even bought the first Kindle it came out with. LOL.

So, when I recommend products from Amazon I do it wholeheartedly because Amazon is my favorite place to shop.

And my favorite way of shopping on Amazon is shopping whenever I want. Whether it’s for one thing or for several things. That’s why the first Amazon product I want to recommend to you as a mom with a baby is Amazon Prime.

Getting 2-day free shipping, the opportunity to read books for free, Amazon Prime and Amazon Music through Amazon Prime is SO worth it.
Why? Because it’ll save you time and money almost immediately.
Remember that when you have a baby, getting ready to go anywhere whether it’s to the bathroom, to your mailbox, to the doctor, grocery shopping or to the store takes SO much longer than you ever thought it would take. So shopping while breastfeeding 24/7…. THAT’s a novel concept. 😉  You can shop in the middle of the night, safely from your home. And as long as you make the time to bring in the packages piling outside your front door, you written on my list. 

Whether you shop on Amazon or elsewhere, Rakuten (formerly Ebates) can give you cash back for the things you NEED or the things you want simply by signing up, installing and activating the Chrome extension prior to online shopping. Plus, when you use my link, I’ll get a little kickback and you’ll get $10 to use on your first purchase.

Aside from getting the low prices that Amazon usually offers and getting cash back with Rakuten, you can also earn additional savings to get rewards simply by scanning your physical receipts that you get on your every-day purchases.

Plus, if you connect Fetch Rewards to your Amazon address, you can get rewards for your Amazon purchases. Amazing, right?

Simply download the app and use this code W9MWQ to get 2,000 points.


Okay, okay, so now that you know where and how I shop, you’re probably dying to know what I shop for.

If this were the Nobel Peace Prize-winning ceremony, this following list would be those items that definitely win the Nobel Peace Price. Why? Because they gave me peace, of course! 😉

Although technically, when it comes to breastfeeding you just need you, breasts with milk and a baby, the following items made doing all the breastfeeding activities much more easily and pleasant.

Without further Ado... Here are the Winning Breastfeeding Products!

If I could only buy 1 product, the Boppy would be it. As a matter of fact, it was the 1st breastfeeding product I bought and I had it even before the baby was born. It’s MY FAVORITE breastfeeding product. Why, because it helps me comfortably hold my baby at the right height and angle so that the baby can breastfeed properly. It also supports my arms while holding the baby. I had the Boppy ready before the baby was born. You can get a Boppy with a basic cover or with a more decorative cover. Both the cover and the pillow are hand-washable.

Just like you protect your mattress or a crib with a water resistant cover, it’s a good idea to protect the Boppy with a water resistant cover too. Your Boppy will be around your body for many hours a day and helping you prop your baby up. So in order to protect it from all the liquid it can potentially be exposed to, I recommend this cover.

I love the Boppy SO, SO much, that I take it with me if we’re going out of town, across town (when the baby is less than 6 months old or when I know I’ll be needing to hold the baby for a long time and I’ve even traveled internationally with it).

But the not-so-good news is that Boppy no longer makes it. I reached out to them and confirmed it. So, you’ll probably have to spot it and get it at a consignment shop near you, from a friend or from Ebay. 

I get it, maybe you want a Boppy that is not just white and instead has some pizzaz and personality. You have several options to choose from.

Whenever you have company over or you’re breastfeeding in public, this cover provides you with the privacy you need while still allowing you to peek down and see your baby smiling up at you. This cover is ideal regardless of whether you have people in front of you, next to you or behind you. This cover works especially well if your baby moves a lot while breastfeeding.

When you’re out & about and don’t want to pack a nursing cover, you can actually wear a nursing scarf that will provide you with 360 degree coverage. I like black breastfeeding scarves because it usually provides the most coverage & black is a neutral color that goes with pretty much everything. There are various patterns, colors and styles to choose from, but I have felt less self-conscious with a neutral color such as black because you hardly draw attention to yourself. I recommend you buy a scarf in a color that you wear often to have it blend in. There is a bit of a juggling act required to breastfeed using this cover, because you need to hold your baby, but also make sure that the scarf doesn’t fall down and expose you. It’s ideal for babies who don’t move a lot while breastfeeding, that way, your juggling act looks pretty seamless. 😉 

For pumping your breasts automatically even on sleepless days. Use it to build a milk stash. Remember, your baby is more efficient and effective than this pump in extracting milk.

For a hands-free breast pumping experience. The most comfortable bra ever. It’s cool, super soft to the touch. A joy to wear. Wish they made bras out of this same material for everyday normal wear.

The most comfortable bras that I have ever worn in my entire life are the ones by Rhonda Shear.  There’s this option that has pads, which is good for going out. There’s the Ahh Bra Leisure Bra without pads but which is the comfiest one of all that is great for every day wear. And there’s the Angel Seamless Underwire Bra, that is good for strapless tops and dresses.

For soothing your dry nipples due to weather or due to use. You might need this safe nipple cream before the baby is born, but it’s safe after the baby is born because you can apply it and breastfeed. Your baby can ingest it.

This product was SO useful that I bought multiples. It helped me to create a freezer full of breastmilk for my babies. I pumped my breast milk directly into them using both the electric and the manual Medela Breast Pump.  Plus, they were the perfect size for my babys’ hands when they started holding on to the breastmilk bottle. And the bottle nipples fit perfectly on this. Talk about perfection!

If you need to store lots and lots of breastmilk that you can pump into, you can use these bags. Personally, I prefer the bottles because the bottles are ready for the baby once you need them. But, these are a less expensive option.

I stuck with the Medela brand for my firstborn . However, my 2nd child didn’t like the Medela brand. So I found the most natural-feeling bottle, that resembles the shape of the mom’s breast. Even the bottom part of the bottle is squishy. LOL. And my baby accepted this bottle right away.

Baby Extras

Because taking care of babies is more than just breastfeeding (although it often feels like it’s only about breastfeeding. 😉 ), here are some other baby items that I love:

My favorite baby carrier has been the Baby K’tan. It’s compact. Practical. Comfortable for both the baby and I. It’s easy to wear. It’s been one of my all-time favorite baby products, in large part because it’s allowed me to bond & cuddle with kids.

For the past 5 1/2+ years, I’ve enjoyed these Fuzzibunz Diapers the most. The best ones IMO are the One Size Diapers that last until the babies are potty trained. There are also First Year Diapers and Perfect Size Diapers. Even though I’ve purchased more diapers throughout the years due to their cute designs (which you can find here), these diapers hold up well. 

I love reading Amazon reviews. They guide almost all of my purchases. However, even though Fuzzibunz Diapers are my favorite diapers, their Amazon reviews aren’t exactly stellar. So, I did a bit of research for you and if what you want is cloth diapers with stellar reviews, these would be it.

This oil is as good as the Nutiva Coconut Oil , but it’s a little less expensive. Coconut oil is helpful for cooking, the few-and-far-between diaper rashes that your baby may get while wearing cloth diapers and, and as a nipple ointment and healing agent. 

One of the things you don’t think of when you imagine your baby is how long and sharp their nails are going to be. And these Piyo Piyo scissors are great for trimming baby nails. And trust me, you don’t want those nails hurting their skin or yours.

Part of having a baby is being able to justify buying the cutest things. What I love about these socks is that your baby looks fully clothed even though his shoes may be missing. Plus, they’re perfect for when they actually lose their shoes. Trumpette updates their socks regularly so when you see some socks you like… get them.

Have you ever seen boot socks? Aren’t these absolutely adorable?! There’s many more styles to choose from, whether your baby girl is wearing shorts or she needs shoes for the upcoming party she’ll be attending, Trumpette has you covered.

During the first few days at home, the perfect place for your baby is next to your bed. This is a comfortable sleeper that makes babies think they’re being held, but gives them enough room to stretch. 

During the first few days at home, the perfect place for your baby is next to your bed. This is a comfortable sleeper that makes babies think they’re being held, but gives them enough room to stretch. 

Dental hygiene is super important. You can start cleaning your baby’s teeth and tongue from when they’re very little using these wipes. 

One of the best toothpastes you can use to promote dental care is this toothpaste. 

Mom Extras

While you breastfeed and you mother, you have your own needs, too. Here are some other mother items that I love:

I admire breastfeeding moms. They’re so giving that I want to give breastfeeding moms like you my $97.00 course for FREE!

Breastfeeding can feel like a new world…. because it is. It can feel lonely, because it is, but this course will keep you company.

I love this water bottle because it is so resistant. It doesn’t leak. It’s comfortable to drink from. And the likelihood of you spilling water on yourself is super slim. Remember to drink LOTS of water while you breastfeed.

For researching, staying in touch, doing work, doing errands, banking and taking baby pictures

Thank you letters say so much about you. Not only because of what you write and the fact that you’re actually sending them… but also… the style that you choose. I like these classic thank you letters with gold foil embossed lettering and designer envelopes. These are perfect for all the baby gifts you received. The pregnancy gifts. And especially to thank those that give of themselves to you during this special time in your life.

If I had to choose the most genius creative and even photography app for your iPhone and Android device, it would be the Project Life App. If you ever thought of scrapbooking but have literally no page to show for it… don’t worry. Try this app instead. It lets you scrapbook in the palm of your hand. You’ll complete a page in less than 5 minutes. And it’ll look great, too. You can create scrapbook pages on your computer, on your phone and in real life. Awesome!

If you want the ultimate photography kit that will allows you to take photos of your precious little one, you can’t go wrong with this camera, this brand or all of the extras included.

For recording your baby’s conversations with you via their audio recorder. For jotting down notes. For jotting down thoughts. For keeping a journal.

The most helpful app that I’ve used since becoming a mom, and probably even ever, has been Asana

I love learning, yet my favorite EVER online course has been Asana HQ by Megan Minns. If you’ve ever struggled with mommy brain, with having a to-do list that never ends inside your head. To not knowing how to switch your brain off because you have so many things that you’re wanting to remember and expecting yourself to remember (and then forgetting), Asana HQ, is THE course. Take it.

If you’re worried about wether or not your baby is getting enough to drink in that 1st week, this handy FREE chart will help you. Keep it by your changing table.

My Help Doesn't Stop Here.

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I’m here to help.

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