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Everything You Know About Breastfeeding...

Mom lovingly looking at her baby near a window for Breastfeeding School by Haydee Montemayor

That’s why I’m inviting you to sign up for Breastfeed Your Baby Successfully, a tell-it-like-it is breastfeeding online course that contains information that you have probably not received from anybody else because, let’s face it: 

When was the last time your mom sat you down to share everything she should and could so that YOU could have an easier time breastfeeding?

How about your grandma?

Your sister?

Your best friend?

Are you hearing crickets, too? (Sigh).

Well don’t worry, in this 100% free course, Breastfeed Your Baby Successfully, you’ll get a tried-and-true approach to breastfeeding your baby in today’s world. 

I can’t promise that your grandma, your mother or your sister will approve, but if they had AWESOME knowledge to share with you, they should have spoken up by now, don’t you think?

Mom Lovingly Hugging her baby by window on Breastfeeding School by Haydee Montemayor

Excuse me for being so blunt, but You Probably believe Silly Stuff Like:

  • You need a diamond-strong support system in order to breastfeed
  • You need HUGE boobs to breastfeed your baby for years.
  • In today’s modern households requiring two incomes, breastfeeding is not attainable for working mothers. 
  • The percentage of moms who can breastfeed successfully is 50/50. 
  • You will lose your decency if you breastfeed in public.
  • You need to have a ton of baby products in order to breastfeed successfully.

Hope you understand that all of this is nonsense.

These are just limiting beliefs holding you back from breastfeeding your baby the way that nature intended.

Want to feel the joy and accomplishment of breastfeeding successfully?

You don’t get there by waiting around for the people in your inner circle to have an Eureka moment and realize that perhaps you need a bit of help on this breastfeeding journey.

The benefits of breastfeeding is becoming more well-known around the world and in the medical community. This is LITERALLY making the world better.

It’s helping children live healthier, longer and mothers to be healthier, as well.

If you’re a loving, generous, educated and committed mom, you’re the type of person who’ll most likely be successful in the world of parenting. Not only by society’s standards (if there is such a thing), but most importantly, but by YOUR CHILDREN’S own standards and expectations of YOU

You See, Breastfeeding and parenting go hand in hand.

Aside from holding them, hugging them, kissing them and talking to them, breastfeeding is the first thing you do for your children after they’re born. 

It’s the 1st tangible thing you give them. You literally give them part of yourself, that was made for them – your breastmilk.

And when they go to sleep that night, in their little crystal crib, your breastmilk is the physical piece of you they have, when you’re no longer connected via the womb or umbilical cord. 

This new world of parenthood favors the natural, the connected, the inquisitive, the involved, the consistent moms and dads that show up for their kids day in and day out.

It favors those who Google, those who read, who ask, who do for their children more than their parents ever did for them, not to win an imaginary parenting competition, but out of sheer LOVE and willingness to verify that every choice they make for their children is the right one. 

And while no child will ever think that their parents are infallible and perfect, despite how hard the parents try, with time, these children will grow to appreciate the efforts that these parents are making. 


Enroll in the course, for free today.

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