When It Comes To Breastfeeding, Let’s Start At The Beginning 

Then what did you do?

You prepared for the baby’s arrival, right?

If you really ARE doing this preparation thing right, though there are several things that you need to understand:

  1. Preparing means preparing yourself mentally, emotionally and physically.
  2. Preparing means preparing your house and nursery, not just for decoration’s sake, but for the activities you and your baby will do in that space. In other words, it’s function over Pinterest-worthy spaces, okay?
  3. Preparing means education. But the education I’m talking about goes beyond what it’s like to be pregnant, what it’s like to give birth, and what your parenting style will be.
  4. Preparing means focusing on THE one thing that will be THE most important thing once the baby arrives. Keeping them alive. Simple.
    1. The way I like to think of this is that many well-intentioned moms yearn for the day when the baby is finally here. But then, that enthusiasm quickly wears out, when they would rather have someone else hold the baby, put the baby to sleep, change the baby’s diapers AND feed the baby.
    2. I get it. Caring for a baby is tiring. Super tiring, I should say. Utterly exhausting. BUT! And there is a big but. Being pregnant is like planting a seed. The little bean grows and grows inside of you. But once it’s turned into a full plant, meaning once it’s born, your work doesn’t end. Your work is just beginning.
    3. So while other people can hold the baby for you, put the baby to sleep (sometimes and with hard work) and even change the baby’s diapers there is ONE thing… ONE thing that only you can do for the baby for their ultimate benefit, your benefit and the mutual benefit of you and the baby.
    4. Can you guess what it is?
    5. Breastfeeding of course!
    6. The breast milk you provide was literally exclusively created for your baby. And you must put it to good use.

Throughout this site, you’ll be learning more about breast milk and breastfeeding and how it’s probably more than you ever hoped for.

You may not have a fairy godmother like Cinderella does, BUT you were given this magical potion to share with your baby and create motherly memories that will last a lifetime.


Now Over To You

In the comments below, tell me:

What are you doing to prepare yourself to breastfeed your baby?

And don’t worry if you don’t consider that you’ve done much.

First of all, you’re here, on this page, right? Give yourself some credit for that! Clap! Clap! Clap!

But because I know you’re probably not satisfied with that… you can start your breastfeeding journey by signing up for a course called Breastfeed Your Baby Successfully.

Oh… I almost forgot to mention it. It’s FREE!

Yep. F-R-E-E!

You’re welcome! 😉

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